About Us

OnGlob is an HR company based in South Korea. Since 2019, it has been providing headhunting and remote human resource services to startups, SMEs and corporations all around the world.   

The Problem

With the rise of remote working worldwide, many companies and individuals have realized the power and benefits of working from home. For the first time, companies have access to talents previously out of their reach financially or geographically. In the past, our team had the chance to collaborate with many remote workers from different backgrounds and origins. We came across various issues: delay in payments, lack of proper training, cultural misunderstandings, technical or connectivity issues, malpractices…

Our Solution

OnGlob remote working solution wants to overcome those challenges by enforcing a strong due diligence process with aptitude and technical assessments and providing safety to the workers and the companies. We believe the core of our success lies in designing local and remote initiatives to improve the conditions and sustainability of employment in developing countries.
We are and will be working on the inclusion of all profiles, especially vulnerable populations in collaboration with our mentoring program and partner companies.  

Our Goals

Create opportunities for people from all origins and backgrounds to raise their quality of life and get the education they need for an international career.

Offer the best human resource solutions to companies at the right cost.